Risperidone CAS 106266-06-2

Levetiracetam API CAS 102767-28-2
mexidol CAS 127464-43-1
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Model: MOS106266-06-2
Molecular formula: C23H27FN4O2
Molecular weight: 410.4845
Melting point: 170°C
Storage condition: Room temp
Appearance: white crystalline power

Pharmacological characteristics:

     Risperidone is benzisoxazole derivative,a new generation of antipsychotic medicine. The active ingredient of risperidone is a kind of selective monoamine antagonist with unique properties, which has high affinity to 5-HT2 receptor and dopamine D2 receptor of 5. Risperidone can also be combined with alpha 1- adrenergic receptors and binding to H1 receptors and alpha 2- adrenergic receptors with low affinity. Risperidone does not combine with cholinergic receptor. Risperidone is strong D2 antagonists that can improve schizophrenia positive symptoms, but it caused the locomotor inhibition, and catalepsy to less than the classical antipsychotic medicine.

Advantages of risperidone:
 (1) not only effective to the positive symptoms but also effective to the negative symptoms. And can improve the patient’s cognitive impairment, so as to improve the patient’s condition.
 (2) the adverse drug reactions are mild, and the side effects are less than that of the cone.
 (3) dose adjustment is easy, for most patients,  2 ~ 6mg/d can produce curative effect.
 (4) risperidone may have a better effect on some patients who are not good or not resistant to conventional antipsychotic medicine.
 (5) patients were significantly increased in compliance with medication.
 (6) studies abroad show that the risperidone can reduce the patient’s expenditure, reduce the patient’s overall spending, thus more in line with the principles of health economics.
 Side effects of risperidone:
 Risperidone common adverse reactions: insomnia, anxiety, irritability, headache, rare adverse reactions are: drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, attention drops, constipation, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, depending on the material fuzzy, penis erectile dysfunction, erectile difficulties, ejaculation is faint, sexual apathy, urinary incontinence, rhinitis, rash and other allergic reactions. Risperidone can cause extrapyramidal side effects, tremor, rigidity, salivation, bradykinesia, meditation, acute dystonia, even the position hypotension, lactation, gynecomastia, menstrual disorders, amenorrhea. Risperidone also appears weight gain, edema, and increased liver enzymes.
Treat acute and chronic schizophrenia disease and various other psychotic state obvious positive symptoms (such as delusion, illusion, thought disorder, hostility and suspicion )and obvious negative symptoms (such as unresponsive, indifferent emotion and social indifference, less language). It can also reduce the emotional symptoms associated with schizophrenia (such as depression, guilt, anxiety).


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