Lamotrigine API CAS 84057-84-1

chloropromazine hydrochloride CAS 69-09-0
Ropinirole Hydrochloride CAS 91374-20-8
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Model: MOS84057-84-1
Molecular formula: C9H7Cl2N5
Melting point: Melting point
Molecular weight: 256.09
Storage condition: 2-8°C
Solubility: DMSO: 20 mg/mL at 60 °C, soluble
Appearance: white power

Lamotrigine is a  new type of antiepileptic medicine.

Chemical properties,White or almost white powder

Application,The new antiepileptic drug, which ACTS like phenytoin sodium and carbamazepine, has a significant inhibitory effect on the hind limb rigidity induced by strong electrical stimulation or pentaerythritol in mice.Antiepileptic.,Used for the treatment of intractable epilepsy,Intractable epilepsy drugs.

Production methods,Chlorination of 2, 3-dichlorobenzoic acid is 2, 3-dichlorobenzoyl chloride, which reacts with cuprous cyanide, condenses with aminoguanidine, and finally cycles lamotrigine under the action of potassium hydroxide.



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