Oxolinic Acid CAS 14698-29-4

CAS 9002-72-6
Mesna CAS 19767-45-4
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Model: MOS14698-29-4
Place of Origin: Sichuan,China (Mainland)
CAS: 14698-29-4
Appearance: White and yellow white column crystalls or crystal powder
Molecular Formula: C13H11NO5
Molecular weight: 261.23
Melting point: 314-316°C
Storage Condition: 2-8°C
Specification: CP/USP/EP
Assay: dioxacin

Oxolinic Acid ( CAS: 14698-29-4)

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Molecular   Formula C13H11NO5
Molecular weight 261.23
Specification CP/USP/EP
Melting point 314-316°C   (dec.)
Storage Condition 2-8°C


Quinoline ketone fungicide, used for rice seed treatment, called NanZhiBing harm valley dry bacterial disease of rice (miao rot) first microbicides with effective cleansing. Caused by the agent before planting the seed treatment, can inhibit the valley dry bacterial disease seedling occurrence of corruption, and then a robust seedlings after transplanting Honda, can prevent the occurrence of valley dry bacterial disease. Mechanism of gram negative energy has a wide range of antibacterial activity, but weaker activity of gram positive bacteria, inactive against fungi. By inhibiting the synthesis of DNA, which hindered the germs, division and proliferation. In bacteria bacterium in the body, for the super curly structure of DNA into reverse super curly enzyme, the agent can be combined with the enzyme subgroup A, making it function in depressed and make the DNA could not be copied, death soon.


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