Dimethomorph CAS 110488-70-5

Trifloxystrobin CAS 141517-21-7
Kresoxim-methyl CAS 143390-89-0
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Model: MOS 110488-70-5
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Melting point: 125-149°C
Storage temp.: 0-6°C

Dimethomorph CAS:110488-70-5

Melting point:125-149°C

Storage temp.:0-6°C


Dimethomorph is a cinnamic acid derivative and a member of the morpholine chemical family. Dimethomorph is

a mixture of E- and Z-isomers in the ratio of about 1:1 and only the Z-isomer has the fungicidal activity. It fungicidal

activity works by the inhibition of sterol (ergosterol) synthesis.

 Dimethomorph is a systemic fungicide to protect against various fungal pathogens in vines and other crops. Dimethomorph

is used to against downy mildews, late blights, anthracnose, septoria leaf spot, crown rot, and root rot for curbubits, grapevines,

head lettuce, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and fruit including blackberries, raspberries, strawberries.


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