Azure II Eosinate CAS 53092-85-6

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Giemsa Stain CAS 51811-82-6
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Model: MOS 53092-85-6
Place of Origin: Shandong,China (Mainland)
Brand Name: MOSINTER
CAS No.: 53092-85-6
WGK Germany : 3
Molecular formula: C51H40Br4Cl2N6Na2O5S2
Molecular weight: 1317.53
Alias: Azure II Eosinate

Azure II Eosinate (CAS: 53092-85-6)

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Appearance Dark green   powder

Eosin is a red fluorescent dye in the form of triclinic crystals; soluble in spirit, sodium or potassium

salts are soluble in water, ethyl ester is alcohol soluble. All eosins are br0mine derivatives of fluorescin,

used in dyeing textiles, ink manufacturing, in coloring cosmetics, in coloring gasoline and as a toner.

The sodium or potassium salt of eosin, red to rose-colored crystalline powder, is used in biology to stain

cells. Eosin is strongly absorbed by red blood cells, colouring them bright red. Eosin imparts reddish

colour to cytoplasmic materials and and connective tissue (cell membranes, extracellular structures)

as a counterstain to haematoxylin and some Gram staining.

Eosin B: Dibromodinitrofluorescein (or its disodium salt), water-soluble, distinctly bluish shade ,

a cytoplasmic counterstain for hematoxylin.

Eosin Y: Tetrabromofluorescein (or its disodium salt), water-soluble, distinctly yellowish shade, a

counterstain against hematoxylin, a constituent of Wright stain, in modified Nocht’s stain, a

constituent in eosin-methylene blue medium.


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